What Italian terms should every fan of Italian football know?

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Even people who are not interested in football know the names of the best footballers in the world. That is why it is worth knowing the words that are in the football dictionary. In this text, we refer to Italian football terms.

What Italian terms should every fan of Italian football know?

This is the Italian words every sports fan should know:

– „Calcio” – ang. football
This word is known all over the world and the most popular sport.

– „Calciatore” – ang. soccer player.
This is a person who plays football

– „Giocare” – ang. play football

– „Giocare bene” – ang. play football well
In order to play football well footballers have to score goals against their opponents without using their hands. They can kick she with their legs and hit it with their head and some parts of the torso. If a ball is kicked, it must be flying on the ground.

– „Giocare male” – ang. playing bad
A bad game of soccer means passing the ball to the wrong person, for example a player on the other team. And also a loss of goals.

– „Correre” – ang. run
On average, footballers run about 10 km on the pitch during one match. Running is very important – and so is the condition of any footballer.

– „Correre con la palla in porta” – ang. run with the ball to the goal
The tactic of playing football involves running around the field in such a way as to reach the opponent’s goal and score a goal. The players use their experience, knowledge and skills to do this
football games.

– „Calciare” – ang. kick the ball
The balls are usually spherical but may have a different shape, such as an ellipse. Most balls are flexible and filled with air on the inside. Athletes kick the ball with their feet, hit the ball with their arms, head and torso.

– „Crossare” – ang. soccer cross
Cross usually takes place in the penalty area, mainly in the air. It aims to create a direct threat to the opponent’s goal and makes it easier to shoot from the head.

– „Scartare” – ang. pass / pass (defend)
In soccer, learning to defend is much easier than learning to attack. This is because the defenders’ task is only to interrupt the opponent’s actions. The action of the game does not have to be interrupted.
An important element of the defense game is remembering that the most important thing is to stop the attack. Forwards, therefore, they need to be very creative, quick and smart – and not to foul.

– „Scommesse sportive” – ang. sports betting.
Sports betting is a type of bet where the outcome of a sports event must be predicted.

– „Commettere falli” – ang. foul
In football, a foul may be pushing another player, holding him, etc. An individual penalty for a foul is a warning by the referee, a yellow or a red card. When a player receives a red card, he must leave the field.

– „Portiere” – ang. goalie
It is one of the players whose task is to prevent the opposing team from scoring a goal. The goalkeeper is wearing a uniform that distinguishes him from other players and the referee. He is the only player who can catch the ball with hands.

Football is a sport known all over the world. There are also many football fans in Poland. Poles appreciate this sport because everyone can play football, the rules of the game are easy.
Italian football is well known and appreciated in the world.Therefore, if you are a fan of Italian football, it is worth knowing the words.